Planning vs executing

As some of you may know I have been planning, promising, making and more or less rarely posting various dishes and creations. My issue is meal planning, heck menu planning. Even veganmofo for all the good it is doing in forcing me to think of what I will be making ahead of time, still has me dreaming up Vegan Iron Chef Entries, sometimes even making it to the store to purchase ingredients. But farm life always seems to swipe the execution stage right out from under me.

Tonight we venture to Green star (which is an apperently super awesome mega co-op), but do I need anything? Not really. My fridge is stocked with veggies who are venturing towards the dark side, more snacks than anyone should consume and the odds and ends to a thousand and one great veganmofo ideas.

For example, there is a large container of apple sider for making apple cider doughtnuts (but no yeast or flour yet), I have the makings of my planned pb pear stuffed french toast for the second iron chef challenge whose deadline has already past. There is a Portabello thats been marinating in there for at least 2 days. Corn from possibly way to long ago, to make into corn chowder to feed the house and we are going out to dinner tonight.

So readers, if any of you fabulous foodies have tips, ideas or suggestions on how to plan better or get your ass in gear post em, blog about em, leave them in the comments. Because something here has to give.

Another prime example is the Oyaki Post in progress. I’ve made them, I have the step by step photos on a hard drive in my room. Who knows when it’ll get finished, hopefully some day soon (sorry john!).


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