Veganmofo-IV:Busy Student Lunches

Busy Student Lunch
Originally uploaded by B_A_Dxxx88

You know the drill, you have 4 proposals due, 2 research essays a book report, board meeting followed by some volunteer events and D&D group.

So I get it, we don’t always have time to cook, eat right and sometimes even eat period. And we’ve all been there, the prospect of taking the 4 minutes to make yourself a PB sandwich.. knowing damn well how much you don’t want to eat it and somehow manage to talk yourself out of it.

So in honour of eating better and making the time I’ve vowed to bring at least 1 snack/meal with me to school/work for my busy days. To help facilitate the beauty sleep and tight schedule I grabbed a pack of 12 vegan yogurt cups. It’s not super classy, filling or economical but when it prevents a trip to the cafeteria or other lame-expensive-7$-dry falafel scenario all the better.

This might not work for everyone but for now it’s working for me. Take some small steps and don’t sweat buying pre-made foods. If it keeps you full and stops you from eating out all the better!

My lunches for the busier days will be some golden flax meal, tossed with pumpkin seed granola, dried coconut shards and vegan yogurt. Tossed together and eaten on the go!

Speaking off enjoy yourselfs Mofoers! I’m off to D&D!


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