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Halifax Dorm life Food Review, A Vegan’s View #3

Ok I’m skipping around a bit, but I had to review this place.

Darrel’s Burger place
Sounds like the anti vegan right? Wrong. They carry veggie burgers (without eggs/milk and they were great about answering ingredient questions) and will sub them into any of their burger offerings :3. Small friendly atmosphere, joking and friendly servers (my god, I loved our server so funny), they have a sports bar downstairs and patio seating.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention their claim to fame THE PEANUT BUTTER BURGER. That’s right they put PB onto burgers. Sounds odd, maybe a little yucky? It’s not. MY GOD. So good. It rocks socks off, seriously. The burger is on ww buns, toasted, with relish,ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, burger(veggie!!), and of course PB.

The pb added great flavour, salty sweetness with the nice greasy burger and crisp lettuce. So good. Make sure you opt out of the bacon, cheese and mayo which normally follows. The pb wasn’t too sweet, but really makes this burger.

It was great, I also got a large virgin lime margarita (very very large) and oh so sour, tart and yummy. Also my burger came with darrel fries potato wedges with some lovely spicing.

All around amazing, go try this burger wonder.
(Seriously a vegan friendly burger joint, why aren’t you here yet?)

Good food porn