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More photos from a kitchenless cook

Despite my lack of kitchen, I have still been eating and photographing but with my new job and early, early hours blogging has taken a back seat (I apologize). So to hold you foodies over, here is another set of eats from our kitchenless home.

One of the absolute easiest and go to meals this past month has been roasted potatoes and packaged vegan meats. Sad but true. Roasted veggies (primarily potatoes) are easy and simple to prepare, very basic/minimal chopping and then tossed with spice mixes and oil you can toss it onto a baking tray and slide it into the oven and forget it. You can even reuse the same baking sheet for the next few batches (not optimal for sanitation, but with no sink for dishes I was comfortable with letting this slide). I just threw the vegan bacon onto the baking tray once the potatoes where soft.
Another dish that brings shame to the supposed health of a vegan diet but is right at home on this blog. Mashed potatoes topped with fried yves veggie dog slices and onions. Fluffy, crispy, greasy and fatty. Excellent. Look at how it shines (… ok, now I feel a little like paula dean).
And another quick shot of the bechemel sauce from last post, I just enjoy the kitchen carnage hidden in the back.


Post-Modern Lasagna

As any good post-modern lasagna this challenges traditional lasagna views and standards, and is a little bit twisted.

What you will need:
2 1/2 cups WW spiral (or bow tie) pasta
1 firm block of tofu (frozen then defrosted)
1/2 cups plain or unsweetened soymilk
1 T lemon juice
1 T dried basil
2 t oregano
1 t sea salt
1/2 white onion chopped
5 garlic cloves chopped
3 cups chopped spinach
1 green onion stalk
3 medium sized green garlic shoots
1 jar or recipe for you favorite tomato sauce
salt and pepper to taste

To begin: Preheat oven to 355
Boil your noodles in salted water until almost done or al dente.While the noodle cook, blend your remaining ingredients (except your tomato sauce and greens!) until nearly smooth (if you like a chunkier texture, I won’t tell). Dice your greens up and put them aside. Take a small amount of Olive oil to grease your baking dish (The deeper the better!). Once the dish is greased, add in your tofu mixture form the blender and add your chopped greens, stir until combined. Once your noodles are done, drain and rinse in cold running water, shake dry and add to baking dish. Toss to combine/coat with tofu mixture, then poor jar of tomato sauce over top. Shake a few times so the sauce drips on down and add your salt and pepper to the top.

Now pop that sucker in for the next 35 minutes or until nice and bubbly. Let sit for a few minutes before serving, optional nooch or vegan cheese for the top and you are set babies!

Sometimes things just don’t go right

For example me and following recipes. Measuring and following a set path is something I always find myself drifting from. I don’t sift. Measures are half assed at best, mostly guess work.

That being said, I love recipes and cookbooks. I read them like novels and my collection is always expanding. From cookbooks exploring the divine world of vegan gourmet, damn tasty food and the simple “students” cookbooks which contain more ideas than insight into the culinary world.

For example here is a dish from one such student cookbooks which sounds good in theory but needs a little something on flavour. Not sure what that will be yet, it was edible, maybe even ok, but it could be so much better.

Broccoli Soba with spicy peanut sauce, leaves a little to be desired. All the flavours are there but down played, I saved some sauce to fix up later and will post about the results. Fresh broccoli would improve this dish immediately. Up the ginger, the garlic and the peanuts because frankly it was a little bland.

The concept is good and this would be palatable for the masses, but I find myself craving more flavour. Perhaps the addition of hot sauce and roast nuts. The sauce needs to be richer, but when on a time restraint its a filling meal thats easy to make. Good hot or cold, I’ll get back to you on my additions.

What does a lazy Uni Vegan eat?

I’ll tell you what they should eat, anything and everything from Joanna’s lovely new Book Yellow Rose Recipes!

That is what I more or less did today.

Breakfast was boring cereal because I am lazy/sleepy.

But I just finished an amazing rendition of the glorious sauce I previously made during testing for this lovely book, and wow.

I thought my poor little vegan heart would break when I was out of tomatoes/sauce, but Joanna saved the day!

So I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but damn was this good. I chopped garlic, onions and tore myself some spinach and went to town!

I even shredded up some vegan moza, now let me be the first to tell you, I am a marinara kinda girl. I like my pasta coated in tomatoes and never much cared for the cream sauce.This sauce has changed my views, no more are the unstomachable cream sauces you stuck your nose up at as a child. This my friends, is damn tasty.

I added some paprika and spices, and black pepper so while the sauce isn’t as pretty as she could be I was in heaven.

Oh and I did I mention the few, simple, readily available, if the world ended you could make this sauce throughout the famine?

Cheap, good, easy, and oh-so-yummy. Everyone can afford and needs to make this dish.

Basically Joanna rules, her book is great, I am full and happy, go out and buy it from Josh @ Herbivore. The End.


I’ve been cooking alot, but my new house* doesn’t have internet, my camera is full of gathering photos AND the PC is being serviced. AHH, the universe.

Anway here’s a short run down of my meal post gathering:

corn on the cob
roast veggies (recipe to follow)
baked beans in tomatoe sauce, spiced up to loveliness
wild rice via rice cooker
3am chocolate lazy ass cake (again with the recipes)

* Read shack.

Roast Veggies à la no groceries
5 potatoes, washed not peeled
4 carrots ( baby carrots if you’re desperate) again washy, no peely
1 onion
4 and half mushrooms (button style)
a handfull of frozen bussel sprouts
too much olive oil
really old garlic, that should have been thrown out.
Spices ( I’ll try to remeber)

wash and chop everything, toss some oil in the baking pan then toss veggies+garlic.

Add more oil and shake, now comes the fun part add yer spices.
It’s all fair game here, except salt I would hold off on all salt until after the baking, roots (potatoes being prime offenders) suck up salt, so you have no salty taste and all the salty related death, not cool.
SPices general rosemerry, fresh pepper, cayenne, Paprika(lots), taragone and anything else that looks good, powdered garlic if that’s your thing etc.

toss pan into 400 oven, shake every 20 minutes till done.

3Am sugar rush cake
First, it needs to be 3am and you need to be in need of a sugar fix.. and without measuring utensils because you’re really only half moved.
Now grad some diet pepsi and a box of deep chocolate duncain heins mix (check for milk etc).
open packaged and dump into bowl.
eyeball/assume what 10oz oz pepsi looks like, or poor until things look wet.
grease cake pan that has seen better days and poor in batter.
bake according to box, then longer because your new oven sucks.
While cake bakes combine room temp Earth Balance, big spoon of cocoa, too much icing sugar and a splash of chocolate silk. Then more sugar, mix/whip until it’s a little runny then pop into freezer. One cake is nearly done take icing out and stir until resembles icing again. Don’t wait for the cake to cool, ice anyways.
Then leave out all night and eat the next day at work with omnivores who will ask for seconds and thirds.
No word of a lie, tastes like a doughnut. Melted icing and all, yum.