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VeganMofo: Cooking for Community

Food is key. People thrive on it, we need it to sustain ourselves, we use it for pleasure, comfort and most importantly food is social. We build our communities around food, celebrations and even nightly dinners. Food brings people together. Which is why I love cooking, and feeding others. It truely is one of the best things out there.

That being said living in a house full of vegans, the kitchen becomes the central focus. People gravitate to it, cooking and chatting surrounded by the heavenly scent of spices and vegetables. Some come to watch the process, others to anticipate its arrival and more still simply to be around the wonderful environment cooking creates.

Here is a meal I made the other night to feed the Vegan House Farm Crew, Joanna’s Bechemel sauce and what I like to call kick ass greens (recipe tomorrow).


Sunday eats

today my entire food consumption talled two:
One plate of kale and potatoes I invented (recipe to follow)
Lotsa water.
A few swigs of Orangina.
Some Bastardized sloppy janes (recipe to follow)
Three brownies.

Go university!

What does a lazy Uni Vegan eat?

I’ll tell you what they should eat, anything and everything from Joanna’s lovely new Book Yellow Rose Recipes!

That is what I more or less did today.

Breakfast was boring cereal because I am lazy/sleepy.

But I just finished an amazing rendition of the glorious sauce I previously made during testing for this lovely book, and wow.

I thought my poor little vegan heart would break when I was out of tomatoes/sauce, but Joanna saved the day!

So I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but damn was this good. I chopped garlic, onions and tore myself some spinach and went to town!

I even shredded up some vegan moza, now let me be the first to tell you, I am a marinara kinda girl. I like my pasta coated in tomatoes and never much cared for the cream sauce.This sauce has changed my views, no more are the unstomachable cream sauces you stuck your nose up at as a child. This my friends, is damn tasty.

I added some paprika and spices, and black pepper so while the sauce isn’t as pretty as she could be I was in heaven.

Oh and I did I mention the few, simple, readily available, if the world ended you could make this sauce throughout the famine?

Cheap, good, easy, and oh-so-yummy. Everyone can afford and needs to make this dish.

Basically Joanna rules, her book is great, I am full and happy, go out and buy it from Josh @ Herbivore. The End.

Vegan MOFO-Food Diary

I’m getting sick and it’s raining, so I’m going trying to fend it off with good food.

Breakfast: Half WW bagel with PB, Orange slices and honeydew melon wedges, chocolate soymilk, water via the cafeteria (ick)
Lunch: WW Penne with Mushroom and tomato sauce with some brussle sprouts from the cafe, more water.
Then to Coburg for some real food:
Tomato Balsamic soup
Vegan Cookie
Soy Mint Mocha

Study Time Snacks:
Vanilla Soy late
Samosa with Pineapple Chutney
Strawberry Italian soda

Dinner: Pasta salad with peppers


Food diary for today.
Breakfast: Glass of water, medium caramel soy latte and poppy seed bagel with peanut butter.
Lunch: Hummus and veggie sandwhich on whole Wheat toasted bread, large mint latter water.
Dinner: Vegan Pizza at the Wooden Monkey, Thin crust sun dried tomatoes and marinated mushrooms with moza follow your heart shredded. Desert was the Tofu-Crem Chocolate pie and I had a natural cola with lemon and lime wedges. Very good.
Snacks: A samosa and another soy iced mocha while we went to the post office

Morning LatteI ate half my sandwich before I thought to take a photo, sorry again web came poor quality.

I tried to start this thing off with a nacho recipe and pic

But my PC hates the internet and it died halfway through.
And now I’m at work, so instead I’ll start with a classic but boring food diary.
One to show my lazy ass that I really do need to start eating, and cooking and lay off the junk and shit (you know eat some veggies with the veganism and all). Also to show some web folks what a lazy ass teenaged vegan eats (Note: Most of the time I will not be recomending that any vegan eat the way I do, because I am a lazy ass and sometimes forget to eat. I hope to fix that with this blog tho).

Also I’m wordy.. and I ramble.. so this may get intresting or boring.. depending on your view point.

Ok to the point.
(Today is the worst example to start with because I was in Emergency until 4am and had work at 9. Basically a friend got hurt at the metal show we were at, a concusion but it was all good.)
B: My mom made me a lovely whole grain bagel with toffuties moza cheese (vegan) and slice tomatoes with salt, pepper and garlic.
Which I’m eating now at my desk, and a swiped a big ass class of really fucking old coffee from the coffee pot. It was cold so i nuked it for 30 seconds, which made it luke warm.. and I think I added some brown sugar to it.

L: all day I’ll be muching on things I brought with me (last minute grab shit and run out the door)
May include:
Rest of the tomatoe vegan cheese bagel
Another bagel and some pb
A green apple
maybe more PB ( I brought a whole jar of crunchy)
Water (lotsa water after the coffee)
A spotted banana
Salted peanuts
And I have like 6$ so not sure what I may purchase with that.

Well the water in the building is out so no toilets (joy -_-), they just delivered portapotties… for the mall +800 people who work in this call center, plus whoever is in the other 4 call centers. Ew.
Anyways, walked to sobeys and spent 1.96$ got some cheapo tv dinner white pasta and tomatoe spice sauce (vegan.. but not exactly healthy) and a white roll. Cheap and filling to say the least, I also bought lays plain chips because I enjoy the grease. Still got enough to buy some choped fruit or veggies later.. maybe.
I did eat the apple tho.
Ok, my noodles are getting cold.