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Product Review: English Bay Dairy-Free

While shopping for my package swap I noticed a sly pink carton in the soymilk aisle, however it wasn’t soy milk, nor any kind of nut milk, nor rice milk and it’s gluten free. So what the heck is it? I asked myself, and of course I had to try it.

It turns out English Bay Original Dairy-Free non-dairy vegetable based-beverage. It’s dairy, msg, soy, gluten and fat free. So what is it? Well a quick look over the ingredients list shows… it’s not much of anything filtered water, Maltodextrin (from potatoes), fructose, more potato etc. So… it’s potato milk? Potato and sugar, mostly. I’m down with that.

So i brought it home for a taste test with my friend Geoff, who will be my lovely model and omni opinion on the mock-dairy-de-jour. Despite it’s relatively sparse ingredients list it does back an impressive 25% calcium and 2% iron per 1 cup surprisingly thought it has 0 protein. But I digress. It is a product of Canada and should the cold war come back vegan kind will be able to survive with our potato rationed beverages.

Anyway, the taste. My first thoughts was how incredibly creamy it felt/tasted… coffee creamer is what came to mind. Sweet, very, very, very sweet and lush. Despite its thin it left me with the rich, creamy, thick feeling and sense. I liked it, I’m not sure it will be replacing my other non-dairy milks, but the as it reminds me of coffee creamer I would definitely consider buying it for such purpose. For the price of 2.99$ and to get away from silk creamer I would consider making the switch. Actually given its creamy flavour, sweet taste but thinness I’d imagine it would be extremely good in icing/baked goods, particularly smoothies or milkshakes. (Baking Testing to Follow).

Omni’s View:

“Its interesting stuff, I would suggest it to my mom, for her coffee as she likes it sweet.”

It was good, but I think it would be better cooked into something than to drink it straight. Very sweet tasting, like nothing I’ve had before, it poured a lot thicker and looked much thicker than it was, so I found it surprisingly thin.

Definitely doesn’t taste like cow’s milk, as it is much sweeter, I think it was probably better than Dairy Milk.

Special thanks to Geoff my guest omni for putting up with me and reviewing this crazy drink.