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VeganMofo: Another short quirp, the magic of sprouts

Brussels Sprouts get a lot of flak, I find shredding them and frying them to crisp makes these tasty morsels come alive.

Great simple way to eat your greens

1 stock of Brussel sprouts, shredded
1 tbs olive oil
2 cloves garlic
handful of sesame seeds
1 tsp salt
fresh ground pepper
cast iron pan preheated.

Saute garlic, then add sprouts in batches. Season, cook until starting to crisp.


VeganMofo: 3.5 Ways of Kale

Warning: This next post contains Kale, and lots of it. Junk Food Vegans, please avert your eyes.

Braised Kale.
I recently became the benefactor of a large sum of gloriously grown kale. Look at that beauty!
I really, really love kale. If I had to choose one vegetable, well my first reaction would be to choose potatoes, because who doesn’t love potatoes? But if I had considered the question, my real answer would be kale. Because Kale, my friends is a nutritional power house. One could live off kale, but one might not be able to live off potatoes (although I might die trying).

Kale is not only nutritious but it is damn tasty too. I could kale all on its own, as its own meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or four coursed dinner as the case may be.


So what do to do with all that kale? For starters I decided to simply throw a butt load of it into the pan and fry it. I figured in honour of mofo I would share my three favourite ways to eat kale.

Basic steps

-Lots of kale, one giant bunch
-Earth balance or olive oil
-sesame seeds
-vegetable broth (opt)

The process is simple, wash and cut your kale, be sure to chop the stems extra finely. And heat your pan with some eb or olive oil. Now’s the time to add your garlic and cook until fragrant.

Once heated, add your stems and fry until tender and little bits of browning become evident.

Now it’s time to add your leaves in batches, it may look like alot but it’ll all cook down. They will be releasing a lot of water, so watch for steam and splatter.
As your stirring, I normally add some vegetable broth to keep things from sticking. Remember to keep stirring and feel free to grind some pepper into the dish.

Once the greens are done to your own likeness (I like to get them a little charred and browned in spots), you can toss in some sesame seeds.

Now comes the hard part, it is time to choose your flavour.

There’s the Classic:
-Extra glob of Earth Balance, course sea salt, fresh pepper and nooch.
Classic Kale

Or the Nooch classic
More nooch!

Lemon kale
Similar to the classic, with the addition of extra salt and lemon for that salty tangy. So good.

Dressed Kale

Dressed Kale
Or creamy kale, just involves the addition of goddess dressing for a richer and more complex flavour. Really you could use any dressing you like, just be sure to add a pinch of nooch for good measure.

Because I find it so hard to choose, I had all three. And that was only one bunch of kale! I have 5 more, so let me hear all your favourite uses and you will be seeing me put this stuff to good use so stay tuned!

**Note: The picture of my kale haul was taken AFTER I ate this meal of 3.5 ways of kale.

VeganMoFo: Kick ass greens (as promised)

Despite the blog title, I do love me some greens and when I’m not making Kittee’s amazing Collards, I like to make something like this:

Kick Ass Greens

  • One Large bunch of Greens (I used Rainbow Chard)
  • 3 Large Garlic Gloves
  • Earth Balance or other Vegan Margarine
  • Raw Sunflower seeds
  • Liquid smoke (just a few drops)

To start wash greens and get ride of any super tough ends. Mince your garlic and melt a generous wedge of EB in your pan. Add garlic and saute until fragrant and tender. As garlic is cooking, slice greens into thin long strips (I like to keep my stems and just dice them finely, their good for you!!). Once Garlic is starting to brown, add in your Seeds and roast until golden. Shake off most of the water and add your greens in batches, allowing them to cook down before adding another handful. Keep stirring and as they cook add in a few drops of Liquid smoke until that hickory scent begins to fill the kitchen. Serve as a side dish, or add to pasta sauce for a healthy kick.

These are also great is diced finely and mixed with a vegan cream sauce over pasta.

VeganMofo: Cooking for Community

Food is key. People thrive on it, we need it to sustain ourselves, we use it for pleasure, comfort and most importantly food is social. We build our communities around food, celebrations and even nightly dinners. Food brings people together. Which is why I love cooking, and feeding others. It truely is one of the best things out there.

That being said living in a house full of vegans, the kitchen becomes the central focus. People gravitate to it, cooking and chatting surrounded by the heavenly scent of spices and vegetables. Some come to watch the process, others to anticipate its arrival and more still simply to be around the wonderful environment cooking creates.

Here is a meal I made the other night to feed the Vegan House Farm Crew, Joanna’s Bechemel sauce and what I like to call kick ass greens (recipe tomorrow).