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VeganMofo: Day 1!

Ok, so a less than impressive start. Despite my lack of cooking, photo taking and general free time, I’ve decided to post anyway!

Today my food related activities are limited to grocery shopping at Planet Organic the local organic market. But, I bring you halagonians fantastic news. THEY NOW HAVE DAIYA!!!!

I know, I’m soo excited… It’s lurking in my fridge now, so stay tuned for some reviews and trials.

What’s more as my dad was in town I also splurged on a few new cool vegan items like tofurkey breakfast links and soy yogurts.

I will try to keep up to date with the Mofoing. Mostly a run down of what I manage to eat in a day with my busy schedule and maybe some suggestions for things to make or grab on the go for the busy among us. Specifically, I splurged at the market and bought a lot of processed/ready made foods I normally wouldn’t go near for budget reasons.

However, lately my commitment to not buying pre-made has turned into a commitment to not eating because I’m too lazy/busy/tired etc to make food. Which is bad, so sometimes the extra $ on things like mini soy yogurts or other grab and go foods are justifiable if it means eating something when you would otherwise have nothing, go without or eat out (which is not budget friendly!).

I’ve also been in the bad habit of eating out, a habit I may continue for mofo and do some HRM Vegan Review series of where to eat and what to order!

Happy Mofo everyone!

And because posts are incomplete without photos I bring you Cell Phone shot of the coconut banana creme pie from the HeartWood bakery/cafe. Please excuse the bite marks.