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Veganmofo: The Magic of Fortune Cookies

Ok, so this isn’t the most foodie post. But I’m a big fan of the psychological component of food. How food makes us feel, gets us through hard times, triggers memories and generally plays into our lives in a variety of hooky ways. Food Psychology, would be something I’d like to study.

But I digress. A few months ago we went to Kings Palace for some vegan dishes and on the way out I scored a fortune cookie. Which I then placed into my jacket pocket and promptly forgot about, was occasionally prodded by etc. But it sat there.. waiting.

Today, many many months later, this battered and broken shell of a cookie brushed my hand again. I removed it from my pocket to examine it. Broken, shattered, mostly powder with the little paper fortune half poking out. I tilted the plastic back and forth trying to maneuver the cookie pieces away from the blue printed words. Despite its terribly mistreatment and state, these few pieces held their ground.

I slide open the crinkly plastic and slowly turn the contents upside allowing the powdered cookie and pieces to fall into the grass and gingerly remove the paper slip. Returning the now empty plastic packet to my pocket, I unfold the fortune and it reads.

You tend to be practical and analytical

….. In Bed or not.

I might have just been standing at the bus stop, alone, on a cold Autumn day, laughing and smiling to myself as my eyes welled with tears.

Out of the Apron and into something Political

As some of you may have heard, Obama has back tracked on his promise to adopt from a shelter and has sadly gone to a breeder. I took some time to write him a letter and would suggest if this or anything else upsets or disappoints you that maybe you take the time to write one too.

I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am that you went out and bought a dog from a breeder. There are plenty of hypo-allergenic dogs literally dieing for good homes across your country and you’ve signed their death warrant. Sir, you may only be one man, and one family providing a single home for your new dog and closing a single door for the other dogs in need, but with your example being broadcast globally your actions have far greater effects.

As the president people across this earth look up to you, and will likely be following your example. You had a real shot to make a difference, but instead you have let us down. Thanks to your example finding loving homes for homeless dogs across this country just got a lot harder.

Sincerely disappointed,
Amanda Dickie

p.s. Although the specific breed you are inquiring about may not be as common as abandoned pitbulls or labs, you are the president and any dog fitting your specifications would have been reserved, held and adopted into your loving home within seconds. So please do not try to blame this on it being to difficult, because for if finding a homeless dog in America is to hard for our president, then we are in deep economic trouble sir.