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Veganmofo: I cannot believe it is almost over!!! bonus dog photos!

It’s a sad, sad time of year when veganmofo comes to an end. But we all knew this day would come, I’m just sorry I didn’t get anything more interesting accomplished for you all!! But I am hoping this mofo experience will re-invigorate my internal blogger and get me out of this student’s rut and back into kitchen experimenting with posted results for you dear readers.

Tonight was another night out, eating sushi (the glorious dragon roll i posted about earlier). So here’s some older eats to keep you mofo’ers happy!

Up first is HeartWood’s Vegan Cafe’s TLT!
Reheated in the cast iron, yum.

Heartwood's TLT
This sandwich took a lot of compressing.


And one of this month’s prouder moments, may I present to you dear internet

Muther Fucking Grill marks!
hells yeah, all thanks to my George Forman grill

Tofu Grillin

Now the thanksgiving test-run, or the fist time I ever made isa’s Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy (Good god why did it take me so long?)
Served it with some sauteed kale, mashed potatoes and chickpea cutlets. Yum!

Another look at my thanksgiving plate
Plate x2

And the failed techno-colour cheese cake
Failed coloured cheesecake

Ceaser salad and garlic pita

The studying hummus snack plate

And now on to the Party photos:

Tought guy

And tired after a hard day of modelling.
Tired now


VeganMofo: Cooking for Community

Food is key. People thrive on it, we need it to sustain ourselves, we use it for pleasure, comfort and most importantly food is social. We build our communities around food, celebrations and even nightly dinners. Food brings people together. Which is why I love cooking, and feeding others. It truely is one of the best things out there.

That being said living in a house full of vegans, the kitchen becomes the central focus. People gravitate to it, cooking and chatting surrounded by the heavenly scent of spices and vegetables. Some come to watch the process, others to anticipate its arrival and more still simply to be around the wonderful environment cooking creates.

Here is a meal I made the other night to feed the Vegan House Farm Crew, Joanna’s Bechemel sauce and what I like to call kick ass greens (recipe tomorrow).

Recovery is in sigh

Tonight is the first night my face is feeling somewhat back to normal. So in celebration Geoff and I decided to buy some Pizza and eat a meal for once. We grabbed an Amy’s thin crust pizza, no Cheese, Vegan of course from the frozen section and brought it back here.

Now, Pre-Made Frozen pizza isn’t bad enough. I decided I wanted to add some fake cheese to the mix so after oiling up the pizza stone and opening the package, I take a moment to tear up some Toffutie Slices and brush a little oil on them. Follow with a grind of fresh pepper and bake according to package directions. Near the end I took two minutes of broil time and once removed from the oven I added some ground basil.

I’ve got to say, Amy’s Pizza with Caramelized onions is Brilliant. If you don’t want to, can’t or simply don’t have time to make yourself a decent pizza this is one hell of a way to get there.

And as Pizza is never enough of a treat on its own, we also opted for some Vegan Ice Cream and the failed brownies I made a while back.

The brownies were a bit drier as they had been sitting out all this time, however due to my handicap (wisdom teeth extraction) I had mine chopped and mixed into the combo of Soy Decadence Cherry Nirvana and So Good Regular Chocolate scoops. Geoff opted for a classic piece of brownie with accompanying Ice cream scoops.

Not fully yet in the swing of things

First weekend, simple comfort brunch home fries and crumble Vegan sausage patties.
Boiled potatoes while taking notes, then fried in cast iron. Simple easy, filling.

Other breakfasts this week have been strawberry soy yogurt, bran cereals, oatmeal, nuts and grapefruit. I am not so much a morning person and school drains any energy I might have had.

In other news I went back to the school basement and this time I took photos, you can find them here: Dalhousie Animal Testing

Anyways I am beat and have loads to get done, sorry I cannot be bothered to fix the layout on this thing. Formating is messed and I have no clue why, apologies.