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Pizza porn

The quick, easy and always a great fall back mid week meal. The pizza. Here in Canada, we are blessed with something called Danny’s pizza crusts (now come in WW too!) so our freezer is stocked with pre-made crusts topped with sauce. Now this isn’t anything fancy, but it is convenient and cheap. So here we go.

Trying to hold onto my teenage years, my favorite pizza combo is still toffuties vegan slices with yves pepperoni and some herbs. But being as how I haven’t bought vegan cheese in a while (and superstore seems to have stopped carrying it {FUCKERS!}) here is a healthier alternative.

Appearing: Green and red bell peppers, carmalised onions (I did this with sugar, because the internet told me too, although good next time I will just cook them), mushrooms, canned pineapple, vegan pepperoni and tomato slices.

Please excuse the lighting, but in these parts dinner is served at 8.


Recovery is in sigh

Tonight is the first night my face is feeling somewhat back to normal. So in celebration Geoff and I decided to buy some Pizza and eat a meal for once. We grabbed an Amy’s thin crust pizza, no Cheese, Vegan of course from the frozen section and brought it back here.

Now, Pre-Made Frozen pizza isn’t bad enough. I decided I wanted to add some fake cheese to the mix so after oiling up the pizza stone and opening the package, I take a moment to tear up some Toffutie Slices and brush a little oil on them. Follow with a grind of fresh pepper and bake according to package directions. Near the end I took two minutes of broil time and once removed from the oven I added some ground basil.

I’ve got to say, Amy’s Pizza with Caramelized onions is Brilliant. If you don’t want to, can’t or simply don’t have time to make yourself a decent pizza this is one hell of a way to get there.

And as Pizza is never enough of a treat on its own, we also opted for some Vegan Ice Cream and the failed brownies I made a while back.

The brownies were a bit drier as they had been sitting out all this time, however due to my handicap (wisdom teeth extraction) I had mine chopped and mixed into the combo of Soy Decadence Cherry Nirvana and So Good Regular Chocolate scoops. Geoff opted for a classic piece of brownie with accompanying Ice cream scoops.

Halifax Dorm life Food Review, A Vegan’s View

Pizza Town Halifax

Yay! More vegan crust! Ok, so Pizza Town Halifax is open until 1 or 2am, which is great. They also deliver and were great about answering questions involving their cooking methods/ingredients. Delivery was timely, pricing was fair enough.
I got a veggie pizza sans olives and sans cheese, bonus it comes with pineapple!
Compared to freeman’s this was a real treat, the sauce was even, ingredients tasted fresh and great. The crust was also good, I’m sure they will be getting more phone calls from us, decent pizza fair prices. The only downside, spicy fries while they had great a spice but the fries were kinda soft and a little gross.

Over all when everyone else is closed, it’s worth the call when you get that midnight craving.

Satisfied vegan tummy

Halifax-Dorm life Food review 1~A Vegan’s View~

Ok, so neglected little blog heres something new.
Halifax take out review, a vegan’s view.

Late Night take out with delivery open till 5am and they accept dal card.
Freeman’s little new york.

Well it may sound like a good deal, and I give them major props for having vegan crusts, it simply wasn’t that good.
The crust was fine, I order a Manhattan without cheese… which had broccoli, I found that odd but figured what the heck.
The broccoli wasn’t cooked, the sauce consisted of thick spiced tomato paste. It was think and glopped on unevenly. The sauce just was distributed at all, there were mountains of sauce in some places and no sauce at all in other. We really weren’t impressed and ended up throwing out most of the food, which i hate doing.

I’d rather go hungry
-2/10 V.V

Ok, I’ve been slack

And this blog is lame without pictures or really any recipes, sorry it will change when I start eating/cooking.

Today’s lunch:
Green Apple
Vegan chocolate cheesecake (organic market in halifax)
chocolate cookie from the market ^^^
Left over sandwhich from yesterday (flax bread, mock slices, mixed greens, pickles, nayo and mustard)
Pizza! Shredded Global cheese with peperonni, awesome.
Rice cakes from the asian market, their cool and green. I want to take pictures.. but I need a camera and things to work.