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VeganMofo: Day 2: HeartWood Bakery and Vegan Cafe

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Heart wood is one of the many fabulous local buisness in Halifax that cater to vegetarians, vegans and those with dietary constraints. Don’t let the dessert case fool you, heartwood means seriously filling, healthy, and organic eating.

The majority of their menu items rely on fresh local produce and changes slightly to accommodate regional flavours and what they have on stock. Lately it’s been beets. In everything, included our beet salsa and freshly grated redness over everything.

Whenever I’m feeling under the weather or as if my non-green days have been too many, I hit up heartwood. On cold rainy halifax days, their soups call to me. Different batches each day full of vegetable goodness they never disappoint.

Another daily go to is their special board. The daily special changes daily (duh) so try and get it while it lasts. Unlike most daily specials this isn’t a reduced price main, but rather a unique creation made by the kitchen staff based on sheer whim and fairy dust. I’ve only rarely seen specials repeat, so it’s always a good bet to try it out while it’s there, because who knows when you’ll get the change again.
The special is usually 10.99 and includes a main, side, condiments and other assortments based on the dish. This time it was a vegan Quesadia stuffed with black bean, vegetables, tofu all sauted in spices with some fresh herbs, peppers, onions and shredded carrot. There was a spicy mole sauce on the side, the ww crispy tortilla was topped with their vegan cream sauce. Kinda like cheesy sour scream but with more flavour.

The side was steam greens a heartwood favourite. We also ordered vegan nachos to start. And I couldn’t resist dessert, which was much better than I remembered.

The lovely mole sauce

All their desserts are gluten free and often chocolate free as well so i’ve had issues with the texture (i’m a gluten snob). But the cheese cake today was great!

The lovely chocolate PB, so creamy smooth. Despite their lack of sweeterners it was pleasantly rich and tasty.


Veganmofo:Brooklyn Ware House -Review

Brooklyn Ware House may be one of the most charming settings for dining I have ever visited. It’s just so darn cute. Everything from the ambiance lighting, attractive and sweet waiting staff, local art, vibrant decor, attractive seating, frosted wine bottles used as water jugs to the green lantern mantle piece over setting the bar. Behind which you can spot a charming collection of cookbooks.

Brooklyn WareHouse, Halifax N.S.

The place looks great, and despite being a omni restaurant (serving things like rabbit stew 😦 ) they have their menus clearly labelled as to which items are vegan and state on the bottom that they can adapt numerous things to be vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. Our server even mentioned that they are trying to get in a vegan dessert.

Brooklyn WareHouse, Halifax N.S. I

When we took our seats by the window, as if I wasn’t already enthralled with this little bistro the speakers crackle and “Heart Shaped Box” – By Nirvana starts to seep through. As if the green lantern bar piece didn’t earn enough love. Throughout our meal, I don’t think they played a single bad song. It was amazing. They even had a rendition of old school Mario music, epic.

Brooklyn WareHouse, Halifax N.S.: Menu I

We ordered the vegan entrée Vegan Carbonara, which uses almond milk to create a smooth velvety sauce served over angel hair, with steamed green beans, a portabello, roasted smokey tofu and pea shoots. Beautiful presentation, and the sauce was very very good. The only off putting part was the giant portabello …. that was plain… just steamed giant hunk of mushroom on top, so it never touches the sauce. Ick, and I happen to really like Portabellos.. but I have never before heard of just steaming them and eating them. Severely disappointed, because as great as everything else is (and it is soo great) this was a bit disappointing for a small 15$ (!!) plate.

Vegan Carbonara I

However, this is only one menu item that was listed as vegan, they offer a different lunch fare that is more reasonably priced. Their drink list is great, with soy milk for all lattes etc. I order a chia latte and on that rainy day it was like drinking a little piece of heaven.

Brooklyn WareHouse, Halifax N.S.: Menu II

This is an adorable omni restaurant that is really trying to make an effort and include vegans so by all means they should be encouraged, but for the sake of your budget I would recommend them as a lunch destination as they are fully operational as a cafe/bar and they do have vegan appetizers which I haven’t tried. I would be interested to go back and find out which menu items can be altered to be made vegan and perhaps try those.

Vegan Carbonara II

Over all it is someplace that you could go with someone who doesn’t like vegan foods and wants to order meat while you get something else. But when it comes to dinner, I find the price doesn’t live up to the meal.However, if you ordered extra sauce and maybe slice your mushroom you may wind up with better results.

A- for effort
A+ for atmospher
B- for food
A+ for drinks
A for service

Out of ten, I would say its a 7. This is just one place, I do not want to give up on.

Veganmofo: Halifax Eats: Minato’s

Greetings Mofo’ers.

Tonights dinner experience is courtesy of Minato’s Sushi, one of the greatest places to eat in Halifax.

Minato Sushi Japanese Restaurant
520 Queen Street
Halifax, NS B3J 2H8

(902) 420-0331

Sadly I forgot my camera so I was unable to photograph the restaurant, but I do have some older photos of all the veggie goodness. Minato’s is a charming little resturant tucked in by a thrift store and used book shop in downtown halifax. The decor is traditional chique and the food is outstanding!


They have a variety of vegan/vegetarian options outside of the usual sushi bar offerings, all of which are outstanding. Their new menu also includes which items are made with Bonito (nasty fish flakes!), making them easier to avoid. Sadly their miso soup is not vegan, but they offer other Korean and Japanese treats.

The best of which is their Veggie Dragon Maki roll, if you only order one item, let it be this. It is outstanding! A must eat in Halifax. Crisp hot tempura sweet potato, wrapped in Nori and sushi rice topped with glorious avocado slices and coated in a sweet and savory sauce. We order it everytime we go.
Green tea and roasted rice tea served in traditional pots for the table or warm sake really hit the spot.


They have other vegan options ranging from vegetable tempura, gyōza, tofu in ponzu sauce, korean dumplings and many others. I strongly suggest you check it out.