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Veganmofo:Brooklyn Ware House -Review

Brooklyn Ware House may be one of the most charming settings for dining I have ever visited. It’s just so darn cute. Everything from the ambiance lighting, attractive and sweet waiting staff, local art, vibrant decor, attractive seating, frosted wine bottles used as water jugs to the green lantern mantle piece over setting the bar. Behind which you can spot a charming collection of cookbooks.

Brooklyn WareHouse, Halifax N.S.

The place looks great, and despite being a omni restaurant (serving things like rabbit stew 😦 ) they have their menus clearly labelled as to which items are vegan and state on the bottom that they can adapt numerous things to be vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. Our server even mentioned that they are trying to get in a vegan dessert.

Brooklyn WareHouse, Halifax N.S. I

When we took our seats by the window, as if I wasn’t already enthralled with this little bistro the speakers crackle and “Heart Shaped Box” – By Nirvana starts to seep through. As if the green lantern bar piece didn’t earn enough love. Throughout our meal, I don’t think they played a single bad song. It was amazing. They even had a rendition of old school Mario music, epic.

Brooklyn WareHouse, Halifax N.S.: Menu I

We ordered the vegan entrée Vegan Carbonara, which uses almond milk to create a smooth velvety sauce served over angel hair, with steamed green beans, a portabello, roasted smokey tofu and pea shoots. Beautiful presentation, and the sauce was very very good. The only off putting part was the giant portabello …. that was plain… just steamed giant hunk of mushroom on top, so it never touches the sauce. Ick, and I happen to really like Portabellos.. but I have never before heard of just steaming them and eating them. Severely disappointed, because as great as everything else is (and it is soo great) this was a bit disappointing for a small 15$ (!!) plate.

Vegan Carbonara I

However, this is only one menu item that was listed as vegan, they offer a different lunch fare that is more reasonably priced. Their drink list is great, with soy milk for all lattes etc. I order a chia latte and on that rainy day it was like drinking a little piece of heaven.

Brooklyn WareHouse, Halifax N.S.: Menu II

This is an adorable omni restaurant that is really trying to make an effort and include vegans so by all means they should be encouraged, but for the sake of your budget I would recommend them as a lunch destination as they are fully operational as a cafe/bar and they do have vegan appetizers which I haven’t tried. I would be interested to go back and find out which menu items can be altered to be made vegan and perhaps try those.

Vegan Carbonara II

Over all it is someplace that you could go with someone who doesn’t like vegan foods and wants to order meat while you get something else. But when it comes to dinner, I find the price doesn’t live up to the meal.However, if you ordered extra sauce and maybe slice your mushroom you may wind up with better results.

A- for effort
A+ for atmospher
B- for food
A+ for drinks
A for service

Out of ten, I would say its a 7. This is just one place, I do not want to give up on.


VeganMoFo — and why I am lame and such at posting

So, I’m sure I’ve covered this in at least every single one of my blogs, but here it is again. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to blogging, and pretty bad at remember when I have stuff to do, plus I’m with the school degree of doom and all. So yeah, bad slacking vegan blogger.

On to food, with all my recent studies I have been going to a local Cafe Called Coburg Cafe. She’s pretty sweet, organic brews of tea and coffee, and surprisingly vegan friendly, if you in the area A) say hi to me you twits!<3 and B) come by here. Because supporting local small business guys is always best, especially when their this cool and open late for studying students like myself.

What to love?

  1. The have Soy Milk, Organic Soy Milk and can make any drink to your soy-a-rific liking.
  2. They don’t Charge Extra for Soy. Hear that you corporate giants! Small business, we pay for your soy.
  3. The have Vegan Samosas, with forking Pineapple chutney. Simply orgasmic
  4. They Offer Daily Drink Specials (Different each day, specials on holidays and random days they feel like it) Which are ultra cheap, sweet, and fun. Halloween had Jack-o-Lantern Lattes and Candy Apple ones.
  5. Soup of The Day, Often (and in my experience in the past 3 months, always) Vegan. Fresh Hot Vegan soup that is different each and every day, and oh so yummy.
  6. They also do Salads, I had pasta tonight and it was pretty Good. they also have a bean salad and then the un-vegan greek.
  7. Organic, Local, Small business that I’ve mentioned before but come-on, these are some perks.
  8. Free Wi-Fi. Who likes Wi-Fi? We like Wi-Fi.
  9. They also feature local artist works, offer free reading material including not limited to (Papers, The Coast, Animal Times, Flying Cow, The Source, Coffee News and Dr. Goose)
  10. They have a great friendly staff, who don’t mind answering all your trillion questions about ingredients and often give you heads ups on when the samosa stock is low, or the soup wasn’t as nice. ❤

This place also plays decent music all day. Local stuff too, sometimes it’s a little indie or hipster but normally they bring it home with some decent ska/punk tunes of heart filled joy. Oh. And did I mention they sometimes have vegan cookies? That’s right. Giant. Vegan.Cookies. They get their own stand and display too, and the heat them for you.

So for local, cheap, student friendly cafe-hang-outs. I suggest giving Coburg a stop by and who knows you may run into me.

A solid 9 outta 10 on this bitter vegan’s scale.

5 Years of Veganism

Although this year was the lowest key of celebration I have had since that day, in a way it was nice. I didn’t get to cook a big meal, have a party and see 50 friends. But The boys and I went out to the wooden Monkey and has a pretty decent time.

The food and atmosphere is amazing. Their napkins and take out containers are sugar fiber, natural moisturizer in the bathrooms and an extensively vegan friendly menu and great staff. We ended up with desert on the house because they accidentally droped john’s pizza in the kitchen, and a drop in from a furry little friend. Not that either event bothered us in the least, after all second oldest building in halifax and mice are cute. Plus no contamination of food or anything.

It was great, I had japanese dumplings and umeboshi dipping sauce for starters, then a seitan sandwhich with roasties. Lemon Lime soda and the best tofu chocolate creme pie ever.
Our server was so nice, and I cannot believe it has taken me so long too stop by.

5 vegan thumbs up for this place and I will surely be heading back soon.

Product review!

Holy awesome. It’s not chocolate, but the slightly graining consistency of Carob has grown on me through these delightful bars of wonder.
Goldies Premium Carob Bars
Are sweet, hydrogenated oil free, contain no refined sugars, no chocolate, no caffeine, no cocoa, no preservatives and surely no conservatives either. But man are these babies good. Today’s feature is the delightful banana, the odd thing is after the sweet grainy carob goodness (seriously close to milk chocolate on the sweet scale but better) comes the bananay punch, it honestly taste like real bananas and banana candies all at onces. The taste is there, present, powerful but not over bearing. Almost a swallow and enjoy kinda presence.

Great treat, decently good for you in a “I’m still a candy bar” kinda way. Over all a 8.5/10.
Enjoy em.

Halifax Dorm life Food Review, A Vegan’s View

Pizza Town Halifax

Yay! More vegan crust! Ok, so Pizza Town Halifax is open until 1 or 2am, which is great. They also deliver and were great about answering questions involving their cooking methods/ingredients. Delivery was timely, pricing was fair enough.
I got a veggie pizza sans olives and sans cheese, bonus it comes with pineapple!
Compared to freeman’s this was a real treat, the sauce was even, ingredients tasted fresh and great. The crust was also good, I’m sure they will be getting more phone calls from us, decent pizza fair prices. The only downside, spicy fries while they had great a spice but the fries were kinda soft and a little gross.

Over all when everyone else is closed, it’s worth the call when you get that midnight craving.

Satisfied vegan tummy

Halifax-Dorm life Food review 1~A Vegan’s View~

Ok, so neglected little blog heres something new.
Halifax take out review, a vegan’s view.

Late Night take out with delivery open till 5am and they accept dal card.
Freeman’s little new york.

Well it may sound like a good deal, and I give them major props for having vegan crusts, it simply wasn’t that good.
The crust was fine, I order a Manhattan without cheese… which had broccoli, I found that odd but figured what the heck.
The broccoli wasn’t cooked, the sauce consisted of thick spiced tomato paste. It was think and glopped on unevenly. The sauce just was distributed at all, there were mountains of sauce in some places and no sauce at all in other. We really weren’t impressed and ended up throwing out most of the food, which i hate doing.

I’d rather go hungry
-2/10 V.V