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Product Review: English Bay Dairy-Free

While shopping for my package swap I noticed a sly pink carton in the soymilk aisle, however it wasn’t soy milk, nor any kind of nut milk, nor rice milk and it’s gluten free. So what the heck is it? I asked myself, and of course I had to try it.

It turns out English Bay Original Dairy-Free non-dairy vegetable based-beverage. It’s dairy, msg, soy, gluten and fat free. So what is it? Well a quick look over the ingredients list shows… it’s not much of anything filtered water, Maltodextrin (from potatoes), fructose, more potato etc. So… it’s potato milk? Potato and sugar, mostly. I’m down with that.

So i brought it home for a taste test with my friend Geoff, who will be my lovely model and omni opinion on the mock-dairy-de-jour. Despite it’s relatively sparse ingredients list it does back an impressive 25% calcium and 2% iron per 1 cup surprisingly thought it has 0 protein. But I digress. It is a product of Canada and should the cold war come back vegan kind will be able to survive with our potato rationed beverages.

Anyway, the taste. My first thoughts was how incredibly creamy it felt/tasted… coffee creamer is what came to mind. Sweet, very, very, very sweet and lush. Despite its thin it left me with the rich, creamy, thick feeling and sense. I liked it, I’m not sure it will be replacing my other non-dairy milks, but the as it reminds me of coffee creamer I would definitely consider buying it for such purpose. For the price of 2.99$ and to get away from silk creamer I would consider making the switch. Actually given its creamy flavour, sweet taste but thinness I’d imagine it would be extremely good in icing/baked goods, particularly smoothies or milkshakes. (Baking Testing to Follow).

Omni’s View:

“Its interesting stuff, I would suggest it to my mom, for her coffee as she likes it sweet.”

It was good, but I think it would be better cooked into something than to drink it straight. Very sweet tasting, like nothing I’ve had before, it poured a lot thicker and looked much thicker than it was, so I found it surprisingly thin.

Definitely doesn’t taste like cow’s milk, as it is much sweeter, I think it was probably better than Dairy Milk.

Special thanks to Geoff my guest omni for putting up with me and reviewing this crazy drink.


VeganMoFo — and why I am lame and such at posting

So, I’m sure I’ve covered this in at least every single one of my blogs, but here it is again. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to blogging, and pretty bad at remember when I have stuff to do, plus I’m with the school degree of doom and all. So yeah, bad slacking vegan blogger.

On to food, with all my recent studies I have been going to a local Cafe Called Coburg Cafe. She’s pretty sweet, organic brews of tea and coffee, and surprisingly vegan friendly, if you in the area A) say hi to me you twits!<3 and B) come by here. Because supporting local small business guys is always best, especially when their this cool and open late for studying students like myself.

What to love?

  1. The have Soy Milk, Organic Soy Milk and can make any drink to your soy-a-rific liking.
  2. They don’t Charge Extra for Soy. Hear that you corporate giants! Small business, we pay for your soy.
  3. The have Vegan Samosas, with forking Pineapple chutney. Simply orgasmic
  4. They Offer Daily Drink Specials (Different each day, specials on holidays and random days they feel like it) Which are ultra cheap, sweet, and fun. Halloween had Jack-o-Lantern Lattes and Candy Apple ones.
  5. Soup of The Day, Often (and in my experience in the past 3 months, always) Vegan. Fresh Hot Vegan soup that is different each and every day, and oh so yummy.
  6. They also do Salads, I had pasta tonight and it was pretty Good. they also have a bean salad and then the un-vegan greek.
  7. Organic, Local, Small business that I’ve mentioned before but come-on, these are some perks.
  8. Free Wi-Fi. Who likes Wi-Fi? We like Wi-Fi.
  9. They also feature local artist works, offer free reading material including not limited to (Papers, The Coast, Animal Times, Flying Cow, The Source, Coffee News and Dr. Goose)
  10. They have a great friendly staff, who don’t mind answering all your trillion questions about ingredients and often give you heads ups on when the samosa stock is low, or the soup wasn’t as nice. ❤

This place also plays decent music all day. Local stuff too, sometimes it’s a little indie or hipster but normally they bring it home with some decent ska/punk tunes of heart filled joy. Oh. And did I mention they sometimes have vegan cookies? That’s right. Giant. Vegan.Cookies. They get their own stand and display too, and the heat them for you.

So for local, cheap, student friendly cafe-hang-outs. I suggest giving Coburg a stop by and who knows you may run into me.

A solid 9 outta 10 on this bitter vegan’s scale.

Halifax Dorm life Food Review, A Vegan’s View #3

Ok I’m skipping around a bit, but I had to review this place.

Darrel’s Burger place
Sounds like the anti vegan right? Wrong. They carry veggie burgers (without eggs/milk and they were great about answering ingredient questions) and will sub them into any of their burger offerings :3. Small friendly atmosphere, joking and friendly servers (my god, I loved our server so funny), they have a sports bar downstairs and patio seating.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention their claim to fame THE PEANUT BUTTER BURGER. That’s right they put PB onto burgers. Sounds odd, maybe a little yucky? It’s not. MY GOD. So good. It rocks socks off, seriously. The burger is on ww buns, toasted, with relish,ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, burger(veggie!!), and of course PB.

The pb added great flavour, salty sweetness with the nice greasy burger and crisp lettuce. So good. Make sure you opt out of the bacon, cheese and mayo which normally follows. The pb wasn’t too sweet, but really makes this burger.

It was great, I also got a large virgin lime margarita (very very large) and oh so sour, tart and yummy. Also my burger came with darrel fries potato wedges with some lovely spicing.

All around amazing, go try this burger wonder.
(Seriously a vegan friendly burger joint, why aren’t you here yet?)

Good food porn

Halifax Dorm life Food Review, A Vegan’s View

Pizza Town Halifax

Yay! More vegan crust! Ok, so Pizza Town Halifax is open until 1 or 2am, which is great. They also deliver and were great about answering questions involving their cooking methods/ingredients. Delivery was timely, pricing was fair enough.
I got a veggie pizza sans olives and sans cheese, bonus it comes with pineapple!
Compared to freeman’s this was a real treat, the sauce was even, ingredients tasted fresh and great. The crust was also good, I’m sure they will be getting more phone calls from us, decent pizza fair prices. The only downside, spicy fries while they had great a spice but the fries were kinda soft and a little gross.

Over all when everyone else is closed, it’s worth the call when you get that midnight craving.

Satisfied vegan tummy

Halifax-Dorm life Food review 1~A Vegan’s View~

Ok, so neglected little blog heres something new.
Halifax take out review, a vegan’s view.

Late Night take out with delivery open till 5am and they accept dal card.
Freeman’s little new york.

Well it may sound like a good deal, and I give them major props for having vegan crusts, it simply wasn’t that good.
The crust was fine, I order a Manhattan without cheese… which had broccoli, I found that odd but figured what the heck.
The broccoli wasn’t cooked, the sauce consisted of thick spiced tomato paste. It was think and glopped on unevenly. The sauce just was distributed at all, there were mountains of sauce in some places and no sauce at all in other. We really weren’t impressed and ended up throwing out most of the food, which i hate doing.

I’d rather go hungry
-2/10 V.V