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Sadly this entry lacks photos as it occurred at a friend’s house, James my friends little brother had a package of oriental box rice (the weird beef flavour ones that are vegan, for god knows what reason). So being hungry teenagers and woman Gwyn and I employ James to make us his rice, as it turned out he makes it and adds cinnamon sugar. We thought it was weird and wanted to part of it until he’d made it.

Oddly enough it was amazing. “Beef” flavoured crappy box rice with sugar and cinnamon, soo good. I may sound like a freak, but for anyone daring enough to try it, go for it! I only wish I had a recipe to pass on for you, but honestly this one is so lazy it has two ingredients:
Oriental boxed rice Beef flavour (check labels)
Cinnamon sugar
Prepare rice as directed (add the flavouring too) then serve into bowl and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and stir, the end. Customize the amount of cinnamon sugar you like etc.