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Lasy cheap eats on the go

sanmich by B_A_Dxxx88
sanmich, a photo by B_A_Dxxx88 on Flickr.

Sorry for the lack of posting life has been crazy hectic and with working 7 days a week I feel like I rarely make anything post worthy.

Here is a terrible cell phone photo of my breakfast/lunch today, but it was such a good quick cheap last minute grab I had to share.

Running late and having not gotten groceries in a while, I was pretty hard up for food and have been taking instant costco oatmeal to work for breakfast and eating out for lunch.

BUT! This morning I stopped into pete’s frootique to look around and decided to splurg on some 9.99/lbs guacamole. Finding pita chips at 3-4$ a bag, I decided to try to find corn chips when I happened by the bread section and found focaccia for 3.15 for a bag of 8 rolls from a local organic bakery.

So basically, these babies consist of toasted Focaccia, Guacamole, sliced organic tomatoes, dab of regular mustard and salt/pepper. So good, I’m eating one now for breakfast and toasted/wrapped another in the lunch room to take with me during my break along with the 2 costco kwiwis I am still trying to finish.

Here’s the final score

8 Focaccia Loaves from a local organic bakery 3.50$
3 organic tomatoes 1.60$ (reduced produce score)
1 tub of Pete’s Guacamole 6.15$
My total came out to around 11.60$ with taxes etc.
Added some mustard packets from the food section and take away salt/pepper and we are golden.

I figure it’s not bad because this will make 6 meals because I’m generous with the tomato slices/guac, if I skimp I could make a full 8 meals, which for last minute 11.50$/8 =1.44$ a meal is pretty damn good.

Conversely I would now finally have bread for my veggie burgers if I decide to skip a meal or bulk one of the meals up with the frozen patties.



I have them, someday my PC will work and i will fix this place up.

Today I have 6$ my mother gave me and pizza from last week.
I didn’t sleep and was late for work.

The pizza was good when it was made, to lazy to describe it now, not as good as food porn anyways.

Ok, I’ve been slack

And this blog is lame without pictures or really any recipes, sorry it will change when I start eating/cooking.

Today’s lunch:
Green Apple
Vegan chocolate cheesecake (organic market in halifax)
chocolate cookie from the market ^^^
Left over sandwhich from yesterday (flax bread, mock slices, mixed greens, pickles, nayo and mustard)
Pizza! Shredded Global cheese with peperonni, awesome.
Rice cakes from the asian market, their cool and green. I want to take pictures.. but I need a camera and things to work.

Working on the phone cords

Lunch again!
Bento inspired…. well shorta.
I made sushi :3
Today’s dish:
Vegan Fumaki
no veggies on hand veggie roll (end of the rice, nori, too much vinegar, sesami seeds,carrots and green onions)
Can peaches
A green apple
More moisture bars –>Recipe here
Roast and salted soynuts
Apple/rasberry sauce
Irish cream coffee
Ice water

Hope your lunch was a tad more inspiring!

Work Place lunch day 2

Leftover pizza from a pizza joint

  • Tomatoes, green peppers, onions and mushrooms sans cheese



Moisturizing bars

Moisturizing bars

Last night I had the urge to create something sweat and good for me.. short of. So these bars are full of protien, omegas and all you need for healthy smooth skin!

Ingredients: Values are estimated**

  • 1/2 C Tahini
  • 1 Jar of almond butter
  • 2/3 C Peanut Butter
  • 1/4 C chocolate chips (carob if the health factors an issue)
  • 1/3C Coconut and walnuts
  • 2 C rice puffs
  • Flavour with corn syrup or Maple (once again the health issue)

combine nut butters and syrup in pot, heat until smooth add goodies stir and pour into greased pan. Chill, cut, serve and be healthy! (or not)

Work Based Lunches

So it’s summer now and I’ve voted for the part time, 3 days a week, picking up extra shifts schedule, which means one thing.. LUNCHES!
Because there is no place to eat.

So for each day I’m working/packing/posting I’ll write up a little blurb, recipes if possible, photos is my PC ever comes back.
Small box of blueberries and strawberries
bag lays chips (leftover from meal deal at Extreme Pita)

  • Flax/sunflour bread (Both heels! I got jibbed by the family who moouches my bread)
  • 5 slices of Yves turkey(vegan)
  • sweet onion mustard
  • Naynaise(vegan)
  • Toffuties American Cheese (vegan)
  • Diced red and green pepers
  • Wild greens organic mix
  • salt and pepper

A green apple

Giant coffee cup (:3 filled with Irish Cream coffee at work)

Hopefull water later

an Oriental Noodle thing (yay sodium!)

I also found some amazing PB left in my bad (yay!) so a few tablespoon or the rest of that.

Uninspiring, I apologize.