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Better than grilled cheese

This is one of Zoe’s favorite sandwiches, which I had the pleasure of eating the other day. If you’ve never tried this, I recommend you change that asap.

The sandwich is stuffed with sauted vegetables (onions and garlic mandatory), then the bread is spread with hummus, stuffed with the vegetables and grilled. Served hot and steamy.


Tis the Season

For apple crisp!

Old Family recipe, made better with fresh lemon juice. Serve with vegan vanilla ice cream and enjoy.

Inside shot, apples cook into a sauce or soft bake, apple sauce meets apple pie filling

Tart, sweet and perfectly spiced with a delightful topping crunch.


It really is a miraculous thing. The smells, taste, sensations and emotions brought about by food are some of the most powerful. Everyone can remember the elation feeling of your favorite treat as a child, or how a warm cup of soup or hot cocoa can lift your spirits and warm your core.

At the end of a hard day many people go home and indulge in a sweet of some sort, or a salty delight. Favorite dishes can remind us of simpler and easier times in our lives or simply lift our moods out of a horrible day. Food can cure our many wounds, fight off colds and flues, help heal a broken heart, keep us focus or simply provide a relaxing escape.

That being said, there are fresh hot-out-of-the-oven Vegan Cookies and I just devoured one, and all is well. So in honor of VeganMofo, Yourself, This post, or just because you want one Go out and eat a fresh vegan cookie and feel the joy. If your the giving type share some with friends and be merry.

Product review!

Holy awesome. It’s not chocolate, but the slightly graining consistency of Carob has grown on me through these delightful bars of wonder.
Goldies Premium Carob Bars
Are sweet, hydrogenated oil free, contain no refined sugars, no chocolate, no caffeine, no cocoa, no preservatives and surely no conservatives either. But man are these babies good. Today’s feature is the delightful banana, the odd thing is after the sweet grainy carob goodness (seriously close to milk chocolate on the sweet scale but better) comes the bananay punch, it honestly taste like real bananas and banana candies all at onces. The taste is there, present, powerful but not over bearing. Almost a swallow and enjoy kinda presence.

Great treat, decently good for you in a “I’m still a candy bar” kinda way. Over all a 8.5/10.
Enjoy em.

Lolo’s Testing

Lolo you are amazing!!
Sweat and Sour tofu is so good.
Crispy, tasty and my god, awesome.
So good my mother (pickier than a 4 year old) ate tofu and lots of it!

Go out and buy her cook book the moment it comes out.


**Sorry all my photos are blurry and the rest was eaten too fast for seconds.