Theppk’s Cookbook Challenge #2: Week 1 Apetite for Reduction!

That’s right, cookbook challenge is back! This time we’ll be starting with Isa’s latest book.

Get all the details on this weeks challenge and snoop what everyone else is making here.

My first dish is simmering away from page 133

Mango BBQ Red Beans!

Super easy and man does it smell good. Not sure I’m going to want to add Agave to it… Maybe I will eat a bowl and then decide.

Super easy directions, pantry friendly stuff and it comes together quickly.

JUST BE SURE TO KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON THE ONIONS AND GARLIC. Maybe cook on 5 or lower, I caught mine burning a few times.

Otherwise it smells and tastes fantastic. I served mine over brown rice and saved the rest for lunches.


I’m a terrible MOFO’er: Late night student eats

As the end of term draws near and dealines loom my time in the kitchen becomes non-existant… as do my meals. In efforts to rectify that I made time to make diner, which is a shame because it was so easy to throw together I should make time to do it everyday.

Bonus for when times are tight and limited cook a bit extra, or make 3-4 things. You can save a little bit of everything to throw into a lunch container for the next day which is what i did.
First I made a simple stir fry with frozen mixed veggies, soysauce, squirt of plum sauce, lemon juice, chili oil, sesame oil and seeds. Very tasty, super easy way to make sure you get at least a bit of green.

frozen stir fry mix (broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, yellow carrot coins)
-sesame seeds, chili oil, toasted sesame oil, garlic, plum sauce, red chilis, all spice, mustard seeds, lemon juice, soysauce.
fry together, string often

The rest of the meal was less green with some roasted red potatoes and vegan chicken strips from super store. Again, it doesn’t have to be fancy as long as your eating something during the long days.

Roasted potatoes:
diced red potatoes
canjun spice mix, texan spice mix, veggie grill spice mix, paprika, pepper, olive oil.
Bake at 400 shake/stir every 15 you can bake these with the strips to save time. After the 1st 15 minutes push potatoes to one side to add mock-chicken. Continue baking until done.
Salt AFTER they are finished, otherwise potatoes tend to absorb salt.

I topped the strips with some thai sweet chili heat sauce and tucked a small portion of each into my amazing Green-go containers! ❤ they are fantastic.
Be sure to let your leftovers cool before placing the lid, otherwise these suckers will steam up and lose their texture. Place in the fridge and grab on your way out the door to study!

Heartwood love

Peanutbutter Cheesecake MMMM

More love for Heartwood. Photo essay

Portabello sandwich and daily soup

Daily special, quesadilla tofu, beans, roast veggies.


Veganmofo: the pyschological dance of the midnight snack

It’s midnight… you are home alone… watching some horrible exploitation film or horror movie which should never be watched by a single person alone at night when the neighbours are away.

Pressure rises, blood pumps a bit faster then usual. Every little noise makes you second guess if the doors were locked just right. And if your anything like me, when the AM rolls around so does the craving for food. Snacks. Edibles. and not just any, but the greasy, junkfoodie kind. The type of food you should likely limit your intake of and certainly not consume just before bed.

So here I sit, scared a bit witless craving french fries. Pause movie. Dash to Kitchen. Dice Potatoes. Fire up Toaster Oven. Jump at street Noises. Toss in Oil. Potatoes. Spicemixes. WTF WAS THAT CREAKING SOUND. Grab Knife. Insert fries. Return to movie chair.

It’s midnight snack cravings that make simple things like spice mixes crucial. It’s one less thing you have to worry about as everything your parents and dieting ever told you about eating after 8pm flashes through your mind. Well I say, fuck your parents and dieting and pass me some midnight munchies.

Midnight snacks can take on many a forums but my favourite late night group is carbs. Specifically potatoes, which are easy and versatile to whip up with little effort.

Your toaster oven is your best friend.

Late night nosh fries:

  • 3-4 small red skin potatoes
  • 4tbsp olive oil
  • veggie grill spice mix, tex-mex spice mix and canjun mix
  • check out yellow rose recipes for some awesome spice mix recipes!

1. turn on toaster oven 350
2. dice potatoes. toss oil into baking sheet. toss in potatoes and dump on your spices
3. cook for 10-20 mins, flip em, cook for another 10-20 until tender/crisp

Salt to taste. enjoy while hiding in a blanket fort.

Veganmofo: The Magic of Fortune Cookies

Ok, so this isn’t the most foodie post. But I’m a big fan of the psychological component of food. How food makes us feel, gets us through hard times, triggers memories and generally plays into our lives in a variety of hooky ways. Food Psychology, would be something I’d like to study.

But I digress. A few months ago we went to Kings Palace for some vegan dishes and on the way out I scored a fortune cookie. Which I then placed into my jacket pocket and promptly forgot about, was occasionally prodded by etc. But it sat there.. waiting.

Today, many many months later, this battered and broken shell of a cookie brushed my hand again. I removed it from my pocket to examine it. Broken, shattered, mostly powder with the little paper fortune half poking out. I tilted the plastic back and forth trying to maneuver the cookie pieces away from the blue printed words. Despite its terribly mistreatment and state, these few pieces held their ground.

I slide open the crinkly plastic and slowly turn the contents upside allowing the powdered cookie and pieces to fall into the grass and gingerly remove the paper slip. Returning the now empty plastic packet to my pocket, I unfold the fortune and it reads.

You tend to be practical and analytical

….. In Bed or not.

I might have just been standing at the bus stop, alone, on a cold Autumn day, laughing and smiling to myself as my eyes welled with tears.

VeganMofo: Simple Diner for a busy week day

Listening to Violent Blue rant about porn and sex censorship, furries, tribbles, steve jobs, masterbation and 4chan raids.

Thinking about sex positive teaching and chowing down on the leftover potato salad mash from Iron Chef and my heartwood Cheezesteak special from the Vegan Anniversary Celebration.

Glorious saucy shot:

Foodporn because that’s all you mofo’ers really care about.

Potato close up with the lovely homemade pickles ❤

Sandwich on kamut bread:

Veganmofo: Vegan Iron Chef: Mashed Potatoes: Jyagatama

This weeks Vegan Iron Chef Challenge (posted on fridays by the lovely Katie @Don’t Eat off the Sidewalk will keep the posts and possible round ups (?) going.

This weeks challenge was :drumroll: Mashed Potatoes!

I cannot express how much I am looking forward to the results. I had a few different ideas, potato pancakes, cupcakes, burgers, mashed potato frosting for ‘neat’ loaves. So many possibilities with one of my favourite foods, even the Veganmofo round up of Sweet potato Gnocchi.

Then I remembered one of my Bento cookbooks and a recipe I’d been eyeing for a while for the adorable Jyagatamas. Which are basically like a potato salad dough ball. Cute, small, fast, adroable, simple and used everything I already had on hand!

Another tip, for a more traditional feel a potato ricer or food processor will give a smoother mash and lead to nicer balls. Mine are a tad ‘rustic’ due to the fork based mashing.
Plus they would make an adorable addition to lunches for the week.

Here’s the basic recipe:

Edit: mine were a bit to moist and almost hummusy in parts. Traditionally they are fairly dry and starchy. The flour edition kinda helped but next time I would cut the veganaise down to 1/4 cup to test the waters.

4 cups mashed potatoes (or a pot full of potatoes choppped and boiled)
3 carrots matchsticked, these only need to blanch for 2 minutes, I added them to the potatoes just before they were done
1/2 cup veganaise**
2 tps stone ground spicy or dijon mustard
4 pickle slices chopped, extra picked onions all diced (I had some great homemade stuff form my dad’s girlfriend)
dash of lemon juice
celery seed
chopped parsely
minced garlic

One the potatoes and carrots are cooking, dice your pickles and combine with everything else in a bowl. Whip together and wait until potatoes/carrots cool. Once cool mashed the potatoes with the dressing in the bowl the toss in carrots and toss to combine. Taste and adjust seasoning.

chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to allow flavours to combine. One the mixture is cool roll into little balls and serve immediately or chill for future use!

Traditionally they tend to contain peas and other cooked veggies but I only had carrots on hand. These were also a little wet so I experimented with adding a bit of WW flour to some.

Veganmofo: The Vegan Nacho

Maybe I’m just a bit of a nacho fiend, but down to the simplist corn chips and dip, to the white-trashy toffuties cheese slice, green onions and bacon bits, to the fancy restaurant styled cheese sauce, sauted veggies and freshly made salsa. I cannot get enough of these things.

One of the worst and most common cravings I get are for nachos. My Flicker account has seen it’s fair share.. So let’s explore some of the resent styles.

Heartwood vegan nachos with seasonal beet salsa!
The high class organic restaurant nacho: Uses seasonal ingredients, homemade vegan sour cream, fresh cheeze sauce (white and herbed), chunks of veggies baked together so the cheese sauce hardens giving it the combined velvet texture of smooth, creamy sauce and baked chew of cheeze products. The salsas and condiment (tofu based) are freshly made to order with local ingredients and fresh cilantro, but not to much avoiding the soapy taste. Perfection. These my friends are high class nachos.
With the surprising addition of beets and fresh grated carrot. No beans and we didn’t get guac yet somehow the magic persists. The mound of tofu creme wit fresh dill was fantastic and flavoury.

The White-Trash:Cheap commercial cheese melted in the microwave with stimulated bacon bits and jarred salsa. Affordable, greasy and best consumed with horror movies and pepsi.

The Homemade-Effort or Dinner Nacho:
unlike it’s trashy counter part, this made at home duo is hearty and meal like. Suited for superbowl parties or weeknight dinners. This is a simply veggie ground, cooked with veggies, cumin, onions, black beans and salsa until heated and done. Topped with more salsa and toss of nooch or vegan cheese. Served in a bowl and scooped with chips.
This could only be improved with a tofu cream sauce or dollop of lovely guac.

The Retro Night Nacho:
Oven Baked, raw onions, mashed beans-a-la-50’s-can. These are pipping hot, filling, greasy and arguably your getting the best of various worlds here. You have some nutrition, no greens, and the salty-greasy-gotta-have-nacho feeling.

Bonus points for 50’s inspired pyrex baking dishes and thawing out the salsa you made and froze last summer. Pickled jalapeño slices and you’ll be in heaven.

Veganmofo: Happy Veganiverasy to me!

Hey all! Today I’ll be out and about chowing down on the town to celebrate 9-10 years of veganism. Oh so many years ago, a much news broad cast turned me into the green-haired-punk-hippy-freak- I am today!

So enjoy the mofo, I’ll be reading your blogs, taking photos and re-caping on my eating adventures soon!

Yay veganism!

:celebrating all day/night long:

VeganMofo: Daiya the experiment in Vegan Mac-N-Cheeze

Silky smooth
Originally uploaded by B_A_Dxxx88

So a few days ago I discovered Planet Organic carried Daiya, the vegan cheeze craze of the internet. I bought some a decided in honour of Mofo I’d do up some experiments.

Let me just say. WOW. This was possibly the smoothiest, silkiest, creamiest experience of my life. I had 3 bowls and have hidden the rest away in the mini fridge downstairs to ensure my roommates don’t steal any.

I used the recipe more or less as is from Daiya’s website. Kids.. believe the hype.

Bonus photos.

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